Aunt Helen

Aunt Helen

Meet my second mother Aunt Helen. Actually, I think she is second mother to most people she meets. Growing up my Aunt Helen was always cooking, she was making jam or baking a torte cake or cooking a Greek feast (her favorite). You could always find Helen in her kitchen, wine in one hand, some kind of cooking utensil in the other.

I loved that as a child if something was wrong with me Aunt Helen always cured it with some kind of food, well that, or a swift kick in the ass. It was really one or the other with her. She’s a passionate lady if you know what I mean. The kind of aunt that will always have your back, but won’t be afraid to tell you when you screwed up, or when you have really screwed up, she will be the first to sit you down for a good stern talk. Or in my case when you’ve had too much wine, she is the voice of reason as your crying about the world being a cruel place because your turkey didn’t turn out…or I’ll be honest now, a turkey that was completely raw! Lesson learned for Heather, no drinking until company arrives and oven is pre-heated.

When I was learning how to cook Aunt Helen was always on call, even today when I’m trying something new, running conversions, or looking for family favorite she is only a facebook chat away. Most importantly my Aunt Helen is a kind, caring, loving women and keeper of all the family recipes. I really do hope you enjoy our family comfort food in Aunt Helen’s Favorite’s as much as the Garand’s have.

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