Saturday burgers and beer at The Burger Bar

The Burger Bar
319 Augusta Ave
Toronto, ON M5T 2M2
Neighbourhood: Kensington Market
(416) 922-7423

Fowl Mouthed Rating: ! out of !#$%&

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and Jenna and I are meeting up for a bite. We decide to go to one of my favorite parts of the city Kensington Market, I just love the vibe here and the people watching is some of the best in the city. Now there are only two weekends left of summer and with the sun shinning at 1pm, patio space is a hot commodity. The Burger Bar had one table left so we scooped it up.

10min later…our server decides to grace us with her presence, so we both make a joke (but not really a joke) and said “We’ll order two rounds of drinks to start cause you seem kinda busy here” and she agrees with our idea…but only brings one drink. Obviously she didn’t get the non-joke.

20min later…she comes back to take our order sans beer we ordered. I order the Lamb Burger and Jenna the Market Burger, and our beer.

The Patio is small and the chairs completely uncomfortable, tables are way too small and the owners are obviously trying to capitalize on as much patio traffic as they can…I say this because I don’t sit as close to relatives at family dinners never mind the lady beside me on the patio!

Another 20min later the food arrives, and oh my… it looks and smells amazing!! But wait, that’s a very small plate…where are the fries? At the Burger Bar, when you order at burger, that is all you get. Our super server neglected to tell us that. BUT the burgers were amazing, almost good enough to forgive the fact that the server forgot her brain at home that day…ALMOST.

Another 20min later, our server comes back to see if we are okay. We are a little tipsy from the two beers and lack of food so we decide to order some fries. In the meantime our neighboring table who is also receiving amazing service orders a beer…20 min later the server goes back to their table but completely forgets the poor girls drink, at least I know we were not alone when it came to the HORRID service.

All in all, my company along with three beers in the hot sun made my lunch great, I can’t say much about the food as I was so thrown by the HORRIFIC service. I’m not saying I would be a great server…but one day, I may be a restaurant owner… and that girl wouldn’t last 2 minutes in my place.

Go for the people watching, but save yourself the $40. Grab a burger, go up the street, find a nice piece of curb and enjoy your Saturday afternoon.

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