Burger Wednesdays! At The Counter

The Counter
550 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 3L8
(416) 601-3533

Fowl Mouthed Rating: !#$%& out of !#$%&

OMG! My mouth is watering like Niagara Falls. It’s January 2011 and I’m reading the Toronto Life Eating & Drinking guide, I’m on page 18 and there is a Burger that looks like it needs to cross my path! What is a girl to do? There is only one answer, grab Shawn and hop in Little Blue and off to The Counter we go!

The picture from my Toronto Life does the classic Burger some justice but no words can describe how good it really is. Well, okay I will try. First it arrives and is dripping with cheddar cheese, the slightly toasted egg bun is shimmering at me, the beef is piping hot and with all my toppings, the burger stands 6 inches high! I’m ready to eat it all up. Which I almost do; I made it about ½ way through my burger as Shawn showed his no mercy. The fries that accompany the burger are pretty dam good as well. Crispy fresh cut chip truck style with sea salt, just typing about it makes me want more!

The establishment as a whole is super cool. I appreciate the retro feel, although I feel sorry for the servers as they have to wear bowties. That may explain the slight attitude you sometimes get from them but the food FAR out ways the attitude in my books.

The picture that I posted after my meal on facebook was met with a many “yum, where do I get one of those?”, and of those that have made their way down to The Counter, like me, were not disappointed. Come to think of it, I may just hop in Little Blue and get myself one of their amazing burgers right now!


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