Milk Chocolate is good for YOU!

Okay so I must admit I’m not a huge chocolate fan I prefer a bag of chips any day over a chocolate bar but I know many people that are. Especially the biggest Chocoholic I’ve ever meet, Mr. Shawn Daley. I have never seen someone go as GAGA as he does over a chocolate bar, cookie, ice-cream, sucker, Popsicle…if it has chocolate he loses all focus. His face turns into this goofy smile that you normally find on 5 yr old face when it’s treat time. It’s actually comically to watch, first the eyes light up, then the mouth starts to curl and those chubby cheeks of his turn pink and the little giggles start (keep in mind, I’m talking about a 200lb man here). But good news for him today is CNN and CTV both ran stories about not only dark chocolate being good for you, but now milk chocolate can also be celebrated. See Shawn, told you today would turn around.

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