Hell’s Kitchen – Episode 11

GO HOME ELISE! Pack your bags and GET THE FUCK OUT! Wow those are some pretty strong words but that woman is too much. When she broke down and cried after the first cooking challenge, I thought Chef Ramsey had seen enough of her but NO! He kept her yet again. It’s crazy, she is a mental case. She is the meaning of fucked up bitch!

Now you know why this blog is called Fowl Mouthed Kitchen, I have a tendency to talk like a trucker at times. But, I will bring it down a notch now that I got my Elise rant out of my system.

Jennifer is my new favorite, she was is the background for the majority of the season, you didn’t hear much of her Boston accent but now game on, or should I say the “War is On”, I hope she pounds Elise’s face in…or better yet, out cooks that stupid bitch.

My stoned buddy Tommy has hung on for another week, although like Chef Ramsey I was surprised when he stepped up his game tonight and his Wellingtons did look delicious! I wish I were sitting at the charity dinner eating them.

Will and Paul are strong contenders and at this point I know they will both be in the final three but I’m not sure who will be joining them…but what I do know for sure is it won’t be Elizabeth. Watching her tonight almost gave me an anxiety attack…she was so nervous you could feel it through the TV. It gave me heartburn.

I love Hell’s Kitchen, and can’t wait for next week. The preview looks amazing, and hopefully someone will knock Elise out!  Maybe Chef Ramsey will tell her off like this…glad to see I’m not the only one with a fowl mouth.

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