Now That’s Entertainment!

I came across this article today in the Globe and Mail about the decline of TV Food shows, “The decline of food shows – now they’re rude shows” and I have to say I disagree with about 63% of it, but that really isn’t a surprise.

I completely understand why some people wouldn’t want to watch Hell’s Kitchen, I was totally against it for the longest time, but once you actually watch and get involved with the characters you see how good it is. Yes it is about who is the most obnoxious and yes there is a lot of swearing and yelling but there is also a lot of great ideas for food. Since watching Hell’s Kitchen, I’ve learned techniques and have been introduced to things I wouldn’t dare to cook two years ago. I ‘ve made beef wellington after being inspired by the show, and last night I learned a great way to plate capellini and that is just two of the many!

Saying that, if you are watching Come Dine with me Canada or Dinner Party Wars to learn how to cook, you are kidding yourself. Unless you want to learn what NOT to do in a kitchen or while hosting a party. These shows are pure entertainment. I happen to love them all and laugh, cringe and get embarrassed for the contestants through every episode.

Food entertainment TV isn’t for everyone, but I say, don’t take it all so seriously. If you want to learn how to cook, pick up a book, join a course or ask someone you know to show you a thing or two…because if everyone watched food entertainment TV to learn…well, it would be hilarious. That is all I can say!

For this girl it’s trash talking food entertainment TV all the way. I love to hate and love every minute of it, and can’t wait for the next season of Come Dine with me Canada, starting on W on Sept. 12th…even if they didn’t pick me!!

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