Camping like Kings!

As I unpacked filthy clothes, blankets and a stinky cooler I longed to be back sitting beside the fire at Elora Gorge eating my fresh caught crab legs and lobster (fresh caught this summer in Nova Scotia, not Elora). This was our last camping trip of the summer with the Plante Gang, Kerry, Kevin and Jadien and as always the weekend was full of fun and great food. Last nights diner was when regular camping, turned into camping like kings.

A friend of Kevin’s on a trip to Nova Scotia this year caught a bunch of lobsters and crabs that Kevin lovingly brought for our Sunday dinner. After much thought and discussion on how we where going to cook them it was decided that we would boil rocks and put grease catching screens on top of them in the 40gallon fryer and steam the crustaceans. To accompany the main dish, Kerry whipped up some garlic butter, I made fried potatoes and broccoli, cheese rice and canned corn…I know you mouth is watering. Oh and I must mention all of this, in a torrential down pour! We cooked in the rain then ate our dinner under a tarp with a blazing fire, as tears poured down our faces from the smoke, while enjoying every last bite!

So I say this, camping is a ton of fun and a chance to really get creative with your meals, it doesn’t mean you are fated to eat hot dogs and frozen burgers all weekend. Kerry is the queen of creative cooking while camping, this year she made corn bread over the fire, not a easy feat is you ask me. Check out her camping recipes and tips coming soon.

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