Sodium and Potassium…I’m so confused

In July of this year I was unhappy in my body (silly girl) so I decided it was a good idea to embark on the Dr. Bernstein diet. Now, I did get results very fast I but turned into a ragging bitch in the process. My co-workers begged me to go home, blow my diet and have a glass of wine to chill me out. I didn’t for 28 days. In that period of time I lost 16 pounds – I thought Diet magic! On the 29th day I decided enough was enough and went out for dinner and had two glasses of red wine with my dinner and was I ever drunk! Poor Shawn had to drive my giggling ass home.

Now I digress, this post isn’t about the best glass of wine of my life, it’s about my total confusion around the potassium supplements that I took for those 28 days. Of coarse I didn’t do any research on them because I didn’t want to hear any bad news that may derail my diet plans. But on day seven of the diet I could barley walk around I was so tired and drained. At one point I blew my nose and almost passed out, I had to sit down and collect myself. At the clinic the next day I told my lovely nurse and she said I needed to up my potassium intake, so I did and felt great! Extremely bitchy, but great!

Then I remembered a conversation I had with a co-worker about her dad being prescribed potassium and how it was deadly if not taken under the direct supervision of a Dr., I of course was under the supervision of Dr. Bernstein, well not him but his staff, so I still felt okay. Since I have finished the diet I have been interested in this element. So I did a little digging of my own and yes, potassium is deadly if not taken properly! My research lead me to where I read about how potassium to little or much has a direct effect on your cardiac health and your kidneys. I have to say I was a little freaked out and read a bit more and learned about the potassium and sodium balancing act at and What I took away from the two articles I read is that potassium helps process sodium. I’m not a Dr., check it out for yourself but I am satisfied with what I found and will be tossing my potassium tabs today.

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