Come Dine with Me Canada – Season Two, Block One

John and Louie you both have special places in my heart…or the chest pains may be because I was running from room to room in my apartment trying to watch two shows at once. Why Come Dine with me Canada and Hell’s Kitchen both have to be on Monday nights…the cooking TV gods are against me, or trying to tell me to get in shape.

I was expecting a mixed bag of nuts and that’s exactly what I got but Tit’s McGee was a little too much. Talk about crybaby. I mean, seriously if you can’t take people making rude comments or judgment calls about you then going on National TV is not a good place to show your sexy corset with your extra large chest pouring out of. I though she was going to be super fun and funny but the cattiness was just boring – Boring!

The boys, yes all the boys (OCD Lesbian’s included) kept things moving along and fun to watch. I’m absolutely going to try the bacon wrapped shrimp that John made; my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I’m looking forward to my Monday nights for the next few months now that Come Dine with Me Canada is back on. Good start to the Season Proper TV.

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  1. Montreal, QC

    “F Word” was better. So was the original UK version of this show – I’ve seen it a few times and found it painful at times. Filmed in Canada’s largest urban environment showcasing a broad range of unsophisticated, ill-informed people. Its quite surprising. I can’t recall guests so openly and harshly criticizing their hosts on the British shows. Yes, its entertainment but the program should and could be a little deeper than this but the Cdn one hasn’t yet reached that level.

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