Hell’s Kitchen – Episode 13

I’m deflated.

Jennifer why did you have to lose your groove on appetizers tonight? If you would have had a strong service you would have made millions of people happy and Chef Ramsay would have sent Elise home. But no, oh I’m so deflated.

My favorite part of tonight’s show was when Tommy decided to show his balls and stand up to Ramsay, but my, oh my, he was taken down a peg pretty quickly. He is really growing on me, such a cutie (Wondering eye and all).

At this point, it’s pointless to complain about Elise. She will be gone next week with Tommy and Will and Paulie are going to battle it out. It makes no sense for it to end any other way.

As for my pick of who’s going to win. My money is on Paulie, Shawn’s still on Will. Actually I say Paulie today because I think he is a better cook, but I think Will is a better leader. I hope Paul steps up to the plate next week and shows that he has both qualities.

Since next week is the season finale, it’s a Beef Wellington dinner here on Quebec Ave. in Toronto if anyone wants to join, I’ll make the dinner you bring the wine.


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