Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Winning Show

Great finish, it couldn’t of ended better. I knew Will was out when Paul took stupid Jonathan off the meat and put bitch face Elise on…I hate that the last two episodes made me feel sorry for the stupid bitch and kinda have a tiny, tiny bit of respect for her. TINY, just a wee wee wee bit.

But if was over for me when Paul starting talking about how he had to do this for his mother, it was water works and a big Paul cheer fest for the rest of the show. Not undeserved of coarse, he is a great leader. I mean seriously he brought the Queen Sheba of Bitches and the Leader of the Stupid together for a successful service. Well Done!

Will sweatpea, now you can go home and get laid.

I loved the Tommy jokes at the end, Ramsey does have a great sense of humor…what will I do with my Monday nights now? Oh yeah, I know watch more trashy TV, Come Dine with Me Canada.

Till next time Hell’s Kitchen, much love.

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