Burger Wednesday Review, Axis Bar & Grill

Burger Wednesday Review, Axis Bar & Grill

3048 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
(416) 604-3333

Fowl Mouthed Rating !@ of !@#$%

I feel like I need to start this post with everything I like about Axis because I don’t want to get hung up on the horrid burger. Axis is my neighborhood go to, you can find me there at least once a week sitting on the patio sipping beers with Jenna. I love the patio, I love the Butter chicken, and before they removed the stir-fry off the menu it was one of my favorites! I love the fact they have local musician’s play there and have great art on the walls. I even have grown to love the bad service on the patio…although today we had the happy server not the one that completely ignores us. That is what I love about Axis, now onto the burger.

Our friendly server brings our burgers and I think, YUM, this looks amazing! But my burger dream came to a quick end – the whole plate was wrong here on Wednesday, first the onion rings and fries tasted like fish…either it’s time to change the oil or fry fish in a different fryer, and my burger tasted like a mouth full of bread crumbs and oregano – Done, I have nothing more to say about it. Maybe I was spoiled by The Grindhouse Spanish Fly or maybe it was an off day for the kitchen but I will not eat another burger here again, I’ll stick to what they do best, Butter Chicken. Jenna loved her burger, so much that she made art with it!

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