Sunday Brunch at The Counter

The Counter
550 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 3L8
(416) 601-3533

Fowl Mouthed Rating: ! of !#$%&

Last night we had company come into town for the night, my cousin Sarah and her boyfriend Andrew. We had a great night, ate a BIG Dinner, chatted, played card games then went to bed. This morning when I woke up I was starving (nothing new there). We had talked about going to Future Bakery for breakfast but I changed my mind when we all go up thinking to myself it would be too crowded now that school is back in. So I thought, let’s go to The Counter! It has a cool vibe, and I’ve never been disappointed with them…

Until we had the server who forgot her brain at home. I mean she was a stupid as a rock, actually a rock would be more be more on the ball then this one. She couldn’t remember our orders, didn’t come back to re-fill our coffee’s, or see how breakfast was, then completely fucked up the bill and to make matters worse…didn’t come back with our change until I went up and reminded her that I was waiting for it! Seriously she was DUMB!

Thank GOD, we had good company cause the food was, well, not even close to equally as good. Andrew ordered the Cobb Salad (I’ve had this before and it’s quality is just as big as the quantity-good), Sarah had the Toasted Turkey sandwich (Double point Sarah!) with onion rings (Good choice, rings are some of the best in the city), Shawn ordered the Fat American and I had the Traditional Bacon and Egg’s…and I must add, when I ordered bacon and egg’s my server starred blankly at me and asked, did you want bacon with that…oh yeah you ordered bacon and egg’s… giggle – AHHH WTF! Get a grip girl!! Wake the FUCK UP!

I was expecting more with the Fat American, the description in the menu made me think it would be like 6 inches tall with a beautiful fried egg on top finished with an inch of fried onions!! I mean it looked good but I was expecting epic! My Bacon was great, eggs not done enough … that is two days now of over easy eggs with the slimy whites still slimy, Heather is not impressed. Sarah and Andrew’s brunches looked and tasted good, with the exception of Andrew’s Lentil Soup, that was essentially missing any lentils! There was like 10 in the bowl.

Counter, I’m disappointed in your today. I am your biggest cheerleader to date but you let me know down today, you let me way, way down.

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