Bobby Flay, Mesa Grill – The Las Vegas Experiance

Bobby Flay, Mesa Grill
Las Vegas, NV (inside Caesars Palace)

Fowl Mouthed Rating !@# OF !@#$%

As soon as I found out that Bobby Flay had a restaurant in our hotel I knew we had to check it out. After a good sweet talking to get us in on such short notice we were able to be squeezed into a 7:45 seating. Note, if you plan on eating here while in Vegas make a reservation far in advance, it is worth the wait.

The restaurant was as I expected when we walked in – buzzing with the energy that is Vegas, people looking for celebrities, expensive glasses of wine clinking as people cheers as their having their palette’s treated to a night of southern flair.

Our server was totally on the ball, answering all my questions, making suggestions for appetizers based on what we were feeling and pairing our meals with something from their extensive drink selection.

I ordered the highly recommended TIGER SHRIMP + ROASTED GARLIC CORN TAMALE Corn – Cilantro Sauce, it was a little less spicy then I was expecting but the shrimps tasted as if they were fresh off the boat. Mixed with the corn and the Flay Roasted Red Pepper oil sauce it all worked very well together. My choice of drink was a nice glass of crisp, sweet champagne (not the cheap pink kind I normally like).

For the main I ordered the MANGO + SPICE CRUSTED TUNA STEAK Green Peppercorn – Green Chile Sauce + Toasted Pine Nut Cous Cous, again it wasn’t nearly as spicy as I would of liked or as the server made me think it was going to be (Frankly I was a bit worried, I wouldn’t be able to handle the spice the way our server was talking) but the TUNA MELTED in my MOUTH!! I’ve never had tuna that tasted so good. Full points for freshness here!

Ma and Slavica ordered FIRE ROASTED VEAL CHOP Horseradish – Maple Glaze Wild Rice Tamale + Sage Butter, and ANCHO CHILE-HONEY GLAZED SALMON Spicy Black Bean Sauce + Roasted Jalapeno Crema. The Veal Chop looked like it was for a king but the salmon was lacking any real pizzazz!

I would defiantly check out another one of Bobby Flays restaurants but I do expect more spice next time!

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