Come Dine with Me Canada – Redemption

Redemption – “Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots”…do you hear the music..?

LOVED it! I was laughing for the full 2.5 hours. Although I did feel pretty sorry for everyone on day 4 after Beth’s dinner party…little hung over but all in fun I’m sure.

My favorite by far is Cathy, she is hilarious drunk. I love to be a guest at her place for dinner but don’t know if I would like to have her at one of mine! The slurring while serving is always a sign of a competent cook – cough, cough, yeah right!! But seriously Cathy my love, lay off the bottle.

James is a dick. WHO Can cook…but still a Dick!

Dez is a total bitch, but I love to hate her. She is just one of those stupid people (or comes across that way) her bitchyness is her armor for her pure lack of any kind of intelligence.

Graham, cutie. Just a silly chubby guy, making his way through life with a smile. We should have more Graham’s in this world.

Beth is a doll. She is that crazy aunt that wants to “talk” and hear about your life. A wonderful person at heart, on camera and I’m sure in person. Would love to meet her.

It wasn’t so much about this food this time, which was a little disappointing…tonight it should have been called, Come Drink with Me Canada – Cathy Style!

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