Milestones, didn’t go the extra mile

Milestones Bar & Grill
1001 The Queensway
Toronto, ON

Fowl Mouthed Rating !@ of !@#$%

I have never been a fan of rack’ em’ stack’ em’, get them in, get them out kind of dinning but I have always felt that although Milestones as a quick service restaurant they stood above the rest. Their atmosphere, food and service are typically top notch. Tonight, unfortunately was not one of those nights.

It’s Monday of a long weekend, I was sick most of last week, missed Thanksgiving and the last thing I wanted to do tonight was cook. Shawn and I decided to use some of his Birthday gift certificates and head to Milestones, last time we ate there we loved it sooo much. So we hopped in the car and off we went.

We arrived and were greeted by the cute little hostess who promptly sat us…then the waiting began. I can’t blame our server, I watched him scurry his ass all over the dinning room, and he was working it…when he did have time for us, he was smart, courteous, quick on his feet and genuinely nice! So I blame his manager! And I blame the General Manager. Shame, Shame, Shame on you. I waited (NO exaggeration here) 12 minutes for our server to greet us after seated by our hostess…waited 10 min. for my 2nd glass of $12 wine while eating my $25 entrée (the most expensive on the menu) hello HUSSEL your ass, I have a $90 bill!!! Okay, I will breath now.

Shawn and I both ordered a César salad to start and AAA Prime Rib Roast as our mains. Our server informed us that tonight the Chef was cooking Medium-Rare, I asked for the rarest and he said that medium-rare it is, no rare…and that he was just being honest with me didn’t want me to be disappointed…and I completely appreciate that. I knew exactly what I was getting before the food arrived but I was pleasantly surprised, the beef was very tender and the horseradish had bite and I loved it!! The food was good, although I completely would have preferred a little bit of red in my meat…a teeny tiny bit disappointed there.

I wasn’t over the moon with dinner, I didn’t hate it, but wouldn’t go back if this was my first time (good thing for Milestones this wasn’t my first time), I know they can do better. I am sending this review over to their head office in hopes that they prove me wrong and I have a better dinner experience next time. I’ll give them a little over 12min. to reply. Hopefully their online contact us doesn’t have the same overworked staff as their Queensway location.

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