Wasabi is anything but HOT!

1730 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M6P 1B3

Fowl Mouthed Rating ! of !@#$%

Terrible. This is going to be a very short review. I wasn’t expecting much when Shawn and I went to Wasabi last week but I was expecting way more than the terrible service and meh meal I was served. Maybe people go here for the “all you can eat sushi” maybe they go cause it’s close to the subway or maybe it’s because they don’t know a thing about decedent sushi, which if you walk one more block up the street in either direction you can have!

I ordered the Red Dragon Roll, it looked decent but tasted a bit old, not the freshest and when you eat sushi you want fresh. Shawn had a Bento Box, you really can’t go wrong there, but it’s not what I would call sushi, but he defiantly had the better meal here!

Service SUCKED, slow, forgetful, just plan terrible. The restaurant overall was dirty, fucken gross, like sweeping shouldn’t be a weekly thing here people!! That pretty much sums up Wasabi, I will not be back. EVER!

Take a pass…

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