Burger Wednesday declares BEST Fast Food Burger, Five Guys Burgers and Fries

HOLY Fries!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
2150 Burnhamthorpe Road West
Mississauga, ON

Fowl Mouthed Rating !@#$% of !@#$% – BEST FAST FOOD BURGER

I’ve decided that I have no further to look than Five Guys Burgers and Fries for the BEST fast food Burger. I walked in the front door on Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by this super cheery young guy at the counter, first time here? Yes! Oh your in for a treat! The menu is simple, burgers. Beef burgers, no veggie burger, no chicken burger, beef burgers! Small (1 patty) and regular (2 patties) all this and about 3 dozen toppings to choose from.

Jenna ordered the best looking burger I’ve laid eyes on, dripping with grease and cheese, a girls dream if she has a hangover (Which I did not, it was just burger Wednesday). Two patties, bacon, cheese, tomato, jalapeño peppers, onions, mushrooms and ketchup, mustard. YUM! I had the small, although I have to say it’s not small 3.5oz. topped with double pickles, onions and cheese.

I’m really having a hard time writing this, I want to run out and eat a burger!

Okay, back to the review. We ordered fries with our burgers which I must say, can be split between 2 or even 4 people, there was about 1lb of fries. Fresh cut Yukon Gold beautiful fries!!

You can eat in or take out. If you eat in and don’t have a peanut allergy, you will be in heaven as you get to shell salted peanuts and eat them up while waiting for your food. I love peanuts so this was perfect for me!

It’s not cheap in the way of fast food burgers but worth the coin if you have a good $15 per person for a burger, fries and pop. It was worth every dime for me, especially since I didn’t have to pay – Thanks for lunch Jenna! Burger Wednesday Loves You.

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