Heather’s Buttery French Toast

Growing up every Sunday my father would make a HUGE breakfast feast for the family and all our friends. He would wake up at the crack of dawn and labour of love would begin. Back bacon, eggs cooked to order, greasy bacon, amazing home fries, pancakes, and the dish that kept everyone coming back for more…his French toast. And by everyone, I mean each week the breakfast group grew! Word spread quickly. This rendition of Dad’s French toast has a Heather twist to it…it’s fried in butter.

Heather’s Buttery French Toast


2 Loaves of Italian bread – sliced thickly
Dozen eggs
250ml Cream
Pound of butter
1 tdsp Vanilla extract
1 tdsp cinnamon
Icing sugar
Real maple syrup

Whip eggs, cream, vanilla and cinnamon together. Dip both sides of bread into egg mixture then fry in 2tbsp of butter for each batch. About 2 slices in the pan per batch. Place in pre-heated oven to keep warm. When ready to serve sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

Enjoy all of the fatty goodness that makes this toast a favourite…and asked for by everyone who has ever tasted it!

One Comment

  1. Kim

    I`ve had it and it is truly incredible… it is a recipe that will impress anyone. It is both decadent and delicious…..not only a holiday must but a treat anytime of the year.

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