2012 Detox Day One

As I mentioned in my “about me” each January I feel it completely necessary to detox my body and mind.  Last year my detox lasted 3 months…pretty good.  But this year, I have made the resolution to find balance in my life.  So this detox is going to take on a different form, it’s not going to be 30, 60 or 90 days of eating healthy, not smoking and exercising…only to toss it all aside at the start of patio season. This year it will not be so drastic, but more of a series of small changes over time and plenty of balance along the way.  I’m dedicating “Getting your greens” to my journey through this new resolution.

Day one, I woke up with a slight headache from the massive amount of great champagne I ingested last night, decided it best to start my day with a bacon and eggs breakfast…maybe not the best start, but good news is there was no smoking, so thus I feel I have that balance today.

I’m now off to ingest a whole lot of Chinese food! Happy New Year to me, Happy New Year to you and I hope you join me on this journey of finding that delicate balance.  Welcome 2012!


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