I have fallen in LOVE with a Shanghai Cowgirl

Shanghai Cowgirl
538 Queen St W
Toronto, ON
M5V 2B5

Fowl Mouthed Rated !@#$% of !@#$%

A few weeks ago while Christmas shopping on Queen Jenna and I decided to stop into the Shanghai Cowgirl for lunch.  I was smitten at first read of the menu.  HOT roast beef sandwich with gravy and peas, need I say more. It was like a trip down memory lane with great retro food I ate while growing up and great greasy spoon Asian style fair!  The setting is retro greasy spoon, the main wall is lined with small booths, and I mean small or there is a bar to sit at and a few tables scattered throughout.  The serving staff is very friendly and service quick.

On the first visit I did in fact order the HOT roast beef sandwich with gravy and peas, Jenna one of their many grill cheese sandwiches.  The sandwich was great! The plate was piled high with beef, gravy and fresh cut shoestring fries!

Then last week at our NOW staff Christmas party we had grill cheese station…I tried all of the different flavours, my favourite was bacon, cheese and avocado…amazing!…how does this connect to Shanghai Cowgirl, well they were catering the party! I connected the dots yesterday when Shawn and I stopped in for lunch again and recognized to  guy behind the counter and all the grill cheese options on the menu…BUT I decided to try the Ruben yesterday, Shawn the Shanghai Noodles and we were not disappointed.

But the icing on the cake and the reason I am head over heels in love with the Shanghai Cowgirl is because of  this morning, NEW YEARS Day there were have a Pyjama Party! Yes that is right, you roll out of bed after a night of far too much champaign, splash some water on your face, throw on your shoes and out the door you go…and enter the Shanghai Cowgirl to a DJ Spinning, a breakfast menu compete with spicy cesears and everyone is wearing their PYJAMA’S.

My new favourite place, and I hope you check it out soon and make it one of yours as well!

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