2012 Detox Day Two

I want to jump into my computer and throw punches at the digital world as well as the one I walk around in today.  Day two of the detox is coming along better than yesterday, only one small Häagen-Dazs ice cream…but its the lack of nicotine that is making me “crazy”.  Shawn told me I was acting “crazy” today.  He said it was because I needed my daily caffeine fix, but it wasn’t the caffeine I was missing it was the nicotine!

The day started off marvellously with scrambled eggs, organic natural peanut butter on rye, fat free yogurt, almonds, fish oil and my multi-vitamin.  I felt great, then we were off to see the Wizard of OZ, we couldn’t find parking and well that is when the crazy came out…driving around for 40 min. I think would make the fully nicotineed crazy, but I’ll give Shawn the benefit of doubt today. My pain was eased with the Häagen-Dazs.  But tomorrow the sugar has got to go as well.  I’m scared but I know I can do it.  My body is going to really start to revolt soon, detox are not fun.  What I have to remember through this journey of my new detox life is the balance that I am trying to seek…so today the Häagen-Dazs was the balance.

On day two of being smoke free I once again have a great sense of appreciation for everyone who has successfully quit, Shawn your crazy girlfriend says thanks for the support today and congrats for officially being smoke free for one year!

One Comment

  1. Unorthodox Epicure

    I’ve quit tobacco multiple times, but the one time I was able to turn my frustration successfully was when I fought my craving with the (very likely) thought of all the silk suit-wearing (non-tobacco using) tobacco company executives sitting back and counting their riches. To hell with them. I decided I’d spend my money on me! You can do it. It’s not easy for anyone. Just think about those greedy bastards whose families are taking Mediterranean cruises because of your addiction.

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