Detox 2012 Day Four

It’s 7pm and I have not had a cigarette craving yet today. Well one that made me stop and think about it.  My bitchy level is about a 2/10 again, so all in all, pretty good day.  Last night I picked up my copy of Joshi’s Holistic Detox, I bought the book two years ago when I  attempted my first detox.  At that time I did already have fairly good eating habits, but the book did help have a deeper understanding of just how brutal the assult on our body is every day(NOT FROM FOOD!), from pollution (which we can’t control as much as), perfume, household cleaners, make-up, and the list goes on and on!  It’s crazy the amount of SHIT, yes SHIT we consume without even paying the time to mind – Every Single Day. That is my rant.

BUT as I was reading the first few chapters it made me think again about the detox of balance that I am aiming to achieve through this process and again how this specific detox although the writer claims it’s not extreme but instead bringing your body to a more alkaline state, actually seems very extreme to me.  But again, at the same time maybe I feel it’s so extreme because I am at the start of my journey, his suggested elimination is immediate as a posed to a slow, steady change of lifestyle.

As I flip flop back and forth today on what I view as extreme, I’m going to continue to read Joshi’s Holistic Detox and look for some balance in his words and wisdom.

PS. I have had no sugar today, none, zip, zilch, ZERO!

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