2012 Detox Day Six

Wine, pink champagne, Martini’s…oh it’s Friday night and how I want you.  Cigarettes, long white slender sticks…” what a pleasure to burn” (this is the Camel Cigarette slogan of the 60-70’s) how it would be so nice to hold you in my hand, watch the smoke rings rise up into the air…OR NOT.  I did have a craving for a cigarette today at 5pm, 5:15pm, 5:30pm and about every fifteen minutes until after dinner. Like I said it’s Friday night.  BUT I did not give in, I made a healthy dinner – HUGE salad with baked french fries (Potato and sweet potato) and it was excellent, and once again very garlicky! Another day of being smoke free.

Tomorrow is the day I will be slapping on my running shoes and starting the second phase of this detox by adding exercise back into my life. I won’t have to look longingly at the people jogging in the morning cause I will be once of them again. And so will my 200lb running buddy Shawn, who broke speed records today running for the GO Train.  I can’t wait to jog with him tomorrow and try to keep up.  Just teasing you Shawn, but you have a year of smoke free so your lungs will be more capable then mine.

To everyone else who is also in day six of their detox, great week! Keep it up! There may not be a glass of wine and cigarettes at the end of the week to celebrate, but there is HOT Yoga and Zumba – both of which will give us all that beautiful lungs and hard asses…wine and cigarettes won’t.


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