2012 Detox Day Seven

A funny thing is happening to me.

Last night I was laying in bed reading Joshi’s Holistc Detox and it started to make real sense to me.  I mean, it made sense to me the first time I read it as well, but earlier this week I was saying that it all seemed very extreme to me, and now, not so much. Today every time I went to put something in my mouth I actual thought about where it came from, how many chemicals it has been exposed to, do I really need this, do I really want it. So the end result was, I ate very well today…well outside of breakfast.

Shawn and I went to our new hood today to have breakfast at the Tulip.  I’ve been there a dozen of times in the past so I’m not holding today against them. I ordered eggs and peameal bacon with mutigrain toast and the egg was off… I have never had a bad egg in my life but I almost lost the contents of my stomach right then and there…after I recovered from breakfast the rest of my day was full of whole food goodness.

Lunch – Salad with sunflower seeds and chickpeas for lunch with olive oil and balsamic viniger, 8 triscuts and 2 laughing cow cheese.

Dinner – 4oz broiled salmon (Delicious), 1/2 cup basmati rice and cabbage/onion/bokchoy/carrots sautéed together.

I feel great! but…I have been again craving cigerattes all evening.  It started at about 4pm today and still hasn’t really stopped.  I’m keeping myself busy and drinking lots of tea hopefully they will stop soon.

Oh yeah, the funny I mentioned at the beginning of my post is I’m starting to become concerned about what I am eating.  It’s a good thing, I’m happy to be making this transition.

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