2012 Detox Day Eight

Well first confession, I have not went for that run yet that I was suppose to go on yesterday. I know it’s still early enough to go, but dinner is cooking then it’s time for reading then time for bed.  So it looks like the jogging will have to start this week.  I’m not getting upset with myself as the most important thing right now is no cigarettes and no sugar. Once I make it through a full month without these two things I will start adding the other restrictions.  That may not sound like a balanced way but the only way to get this balance that I am looking for is to restrict and introduce as I go along.

Today the detox eating has been excellent, I’ve ate well all day and feel great!

breakfast – two slices organic rye bread with organic peanut butter

snack – apple

lunch – cucmber/tomato salad with balsamic vinger & olice oil a sprinkel of goats cheese and 2 scrambled eggs

snack – bananna

dinner  – Heather’s Baked Chicken Curry Thighs with Potato’s, Carrots and Parsnips

snack – wal-nuts

dessert – two fat free yogurts

But even with this good eating,  I have been cravings cigeratees again…about 4 times so far and it’s 7:10pm.

Does anyone know of something I can eat, drink (tea) that will help keep the cravings away?

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