2012 Detox Day 11

Balance according to Dictionary.com – mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

This week in my detox journey I have been writing less about food and more about the mind. As I continue through this metamorphosis I am reminded daily that I am on a holistic journey, body, mind and spirit. Today I had coffee with an old friend who is about to have his first child. We talked allot about how we take care of ourselves and the health care options that are open to us. During the conversation we talked about “garbage in, garbage out”. I always refer to this term when I am talking about food, but he made a very good point and said it’s not just food, it’s your environment, the media you consume etc. A very good point.

During this conversation we talked about the difference of opinion and practices between a General Practician and a Naturopathic physicians and how their views and recommendations are almost polar opposites. So different in fact you have to wonder who is right and who is wrong, it’s quite confusing. Or if there is a wrong…When I think of my Dr.(Who I love don’t get me wrong here) I think of going to her to solve a problem, I go for tests get pills, done and done. When I think of a Naturopathic physicians I think someone who is going to help me live my life so that I don’t have to go to the Dr.

Let me put this together for you. When trying to achieve balance the first place to start is in your head. You can choose to react or respond to all things in life, and make your choices accordingly. When you react you wind up in the Dr. Office getting that prescription filled. When you respond you are planning the steps out with your Naturopathic physician.

I have decided for the rest of my days on this planet, I am responding to my life. That I think is going to be balance for me.

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