2012 Detox Day 12

I was walking through my office today with my lunch in hand and one of my colleague said to me.  “I had every good intention to start my year off right, make my lunch everyday, and make sure I eat healthy, but it’s 1pm and I’m wondering what to eat and where to get it from” (aka take-out) I can relate to a good intention,  I have signed up for classes, paid money for coarses, personal trainers, etc. and not actually followed through on what I put my hard earned money towards.  My Dad would call this, good intentions bad follow through.

Someone once told me they read an article that said something along the lines of this, once we say we are going to do something, tell someone about it, a chemical is released in our brain like we just did what we were describing…so the drive to actually do it isn’t really there any more, we already felt the reward. I’m not sure I believe that, when I did finish a 10K run a few years ago nothing was like that feeling, it was great!

Its much harder to actually do something than to say you are going to do it. So I’m going to say something, actually worse I can’t believe I am going to put this in writing but here I go…I am going to go out tomorrow night (for a night on the town), but my detox will remain with me at all times.  First I will not smoke and second I will keep myself in check (I will however allow myself a few glasses of champagne).  This will be a personal test, if I can do it, anyone can do it…are you with me?  I said, ARE YOU WITH ME?

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