yum, yummy, Yumi Sushi

Yumi Japanese Restaurant
2384 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 1P5
416 766 3293

Fowl Mouthed Rating !@#$% of !@#$%

I will miss one of my favourite Sushi restaurants in the West end when I move next week. Yumi Sushi goes that extra mile and over delivers every time I eat there. Fresh food and simple details are the way to this girls heart.  For years my go to was the “loveboat” but I abandoned that ship about 18moths ago (little inside joke with myself) and now I order a la carte and it’s been a great 18 months!

I’ve tried the “Dynamite Roll” to my delight, it was crunchy, sweet, hot and fresh tasting.  The “Spider Roll”, if you love crab like I do, this is for you.  All the Maki rolls and Sashimi will melt in your mouth. Normally I have the Chicken Teriyaki, but this week I tried the Beef Teriyaki (rare) and it literally melted in my mouth. The crunchy tempura is always good.

I’d warm up with a hot bowl of Miso soup at Yumi any time! The restaurant itself is simple, the service impeccable and they have quick take-out which many of the locals take advantage of.

I took some snaps of our lunch on Sunday.

Go check it out for yourself!


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