Come Dine with Me Canada-Jackie’s World

You know when you feel so bad for the person you are watching on TV that you actually cringe in your livingroom, well that was me all night watching “little Jackie”.  She seemed so very, how do I say this nicely – dumb.  I really hope TV was her enemy here and she really is an Einstein in real life. But before I move on, some Jackie Moments of the evening:

“We’re gonna have an ORGIE!” – Little Jackie

“I didn’t eat the pangretta, porgeate..” – Little Jackie, it’s.Pancette lady!!

“When I blow my nose, I’m gonna get drunk again tomorrow” – Little Jackie

“I swam with a sea monster” – Little Jackie

“She is a walking Disaster!!!” Said perfectly – Adam

At first I thought this was going to be horrid, but I warmed up to the people throughout the evening.  I’m typing as the last dinner party of the week is on TV and they are doing shots through some kind of ice sculpture…I love them all over again!

I am happy that there are some new episodes on, the W network has been showing reruns for some time now.

I do have to admit I have a girl crush on Elke, a lady that cooks like a pro, drinks like a trucker and dances, seriously amazing!  But Tall Jackie is also great, soccer mom who let’s loose. I can’t stand the two dudes, they are completely vanilla.

As for food, what the show is suppose to be about, the duck looked the best and the winning dish all the way!

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