New home, a new outlook on food

It has been almost two months since my last post…horrible, horrible blog Etiquette! We have been in the throws of moving since before Christmas of this year.  Although the year started off strong with the prep work for a detox, as the move date crept up on us, so did the take-out containers.  This meant an inch on my belly and about 10 pounds on my mind.  The week we moved into our beautiful new home (Amazing Kitchen!!) the decision was made NO MORE TAKE OUT!! And good-bye to all that extra weight.  I’m happy to report success on both fronts, we haven’t meet our local pizza guy and both of us have shead a few pounds.

I’m back to eat wonderful food, tell you all about it and blog my way to happiness in our new kitchen!!

PS.  Look closely and you can see the other man in my life…Mr. Green Kitchen Aid Mixer!


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