LUMA home of the Stars

LUMA in Bell Lightbox
300 King Street, Toronto

Fowl Mouthed Rating !@#$% of !@#$%

The perfect score here may not be a surprise as every detail of Luma was thought through. It’s not overly fancy or pricey, it’s cool and comfortable. The servers are attentive but not in your face, balanced, that is the best way to describe the atmosphere. Saying that, I was here on a work lunch with my CEO and one of our top clients so the conversation was flowing, comfortable and very interesting so the 2 hours spent at Luma mixed with the atmosphere was very well put together. I highly recommend it for business lunches.

The group ordered the soup of the day which was a butternut squash number and everyone raved about it. I made a critical error with my order. I asked the server if the entrée size shrimp salad was large enough to have one it’s own for lunch (See picture below) although it is very pretty to look at, it was anything but filling. BUT it tasted amazing, fresh and as good as it looked, a rare find.

Luma was a busy place that day, not only did I run into my girl friend Melissa who I haven’t seen in over 9 months (and she is ready to have baby #2) after chatting with her as I was walking back to my table who was at it but David Cronenberg. I guess that is the kind of company you can expect in the Bell Light Box, home of Toronto International Film Festival.

With stars in my eyes, I paid he bill and we made our way back to the office. I will be back again, but this time order something a little more umph, the Luma Lobster Burger sounds AMAZING!

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