A Reason to Celebrate at Rosewater Supper Club

As you walk in the doors of this beautiful room your eyes fall onto a glass wall full of vases holding single roses, welcome to the Roseater Super Club.wThis is my second review about the Rosewater Supper Club and again I was not disappointed.  Yesterday evening my lovely boss Pam took a bunch of us from the office out for dinner (Thanks again Pam), dinner was super delicious.  But I’m not going to write a whole bunch about the food, tonight I am posting about the booze!!

Round One:  Martini’s

Mine, Bombay Sapphire Gin dry straight up with olives (Amazing)…so good in fact I had two.

Lady in Red, Vodka Ketel One juice of three lemon slices and one on the side (Apparently Amazing as well)…she also had two.

Round Two: Great Wine

Red Kekfranlos region Hungary available in the vintage section of the LCBO. It was a heavier wine but full of flavour!

Round Three: Scotch

This is where things are a little fuzzy…I didn’t partake in the Scotch, but I think I heard Johnny Walker Black…The drinks looked nice.

Round Four: Beer

I told my co-conspirators that I liked Mill Street Tank House, my go to beer.  A local craft beer was suggested to me and I was impressed.  Nice colour and SUPER HOPPY flavour…one slight issue is, I don’t remember the name – HELP!!

I had a great time getting to know my colleagues over drinks and dinner, yes drinks and dinner.

Check out the food below…

Coriander and fennel crusted seared rare big eyed tuna
Salad of wild mushroom and Asian greens
Orange and ginger essence

Seared Atlantic Salmon
Crispy saffron polenta, sautéed Swiss chard, citrus tomato vinaigrette

Arugula Salad
Niagara prosciutto, shaved parmesan, red wine vinegar,
extra virgin olive oil

Rosewater French Onion Soup
caramelized onions, molten brie fondue

Rack of Lamb – I had serious food envy on this one!!
Roasted rosemary fingerlings, braised tomato
ancient grain mustard jus

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