Scarpetta – Voted #1 Luxe restaurant by NOW, gets my vote!

550 Wellington W, at Portland

Fowl Mouthed Rating !@#$% of !@#$%

This week my lovely boss Pam gave me a wonderful gift, dinner on her.  So I thought, better  check out Scarpetta, seeing as my magazine, NOW has voted it #1 LUXE restaurant.  “When money’s no object – or better yet, someone else is paying – New York City celubu-chef Scott Conant’s upscale franchise in the super-chic Thompson Hotel is the only way to go.” Steven Davey your words couldn’t be more true.

Shawn and I had the Chef’s five coarse tasting menu.  We had no idea what we were in for, but knew it would be amazing.

The restaurant is at the back of the Thompson Hotel and when you walk in, you are entering a large chic bar area. Music is humming, beautiful people are sitting drinking, chatting.  Once you are inside the restaurant you are immediately greeted and seated.  I’ve been to a some very nice restaurants in the city, but hands down this was the best service I have ever received without a hint of pretension.

We sat beside the window and our server was immediately introducing herself and taking our drink order.  The minute she left our table another server was dropping off a warm basket of artisan bread and three dips.  A ricotta butter purée, roasted tomato and eggplant and butter and garlic infused olive oil.

Our first coarse was CREAMY POLENTA fricassee of truffled mushrooms  and BURRATA heirloom beets, toasted pumpkin seeds & aged balsamic

Although Italian is my favourite cuisine, I have never made or tasted polenta.  I was like butter mousse, amazing.  The beets were fresh and sweet and a perfect pair with my Prosecco.

The second was RABBIT RAGU, and RICOTTA RAVIOLI with sweet spring peas.  Again this was my first time eating rabbit…and it was very tender and tasty but I couldn’t do more than a taste…little snuggle bunnies kept popping in my head. Silly I know because I had no issues with the rest of my meal, and never have issues with meat.  But I digress. The ravioli tasted like key lime pie, it was so sweet and flavourful I was in heaven.

The third was SEARED SCALLOPS, AMAZING!!! I love scallops wish I could eat them everyday!

Our main coarse was ROAST SADDLE OF SPRING LAMB rosemary lentils with braised shank & heirloom carrots. This was my favourite because I am such a huge fan of lamb and this was done to utter perfection!! Rare, and juicy.  The lentils were a perfect pair.

By the time dessert arrived I was rosy in the cheeks from my red wine and dreading the end of this amazing meal.  Dessert speaks for it’s self.  I think we had a taste of everything on the dessert menu.

If you are looking for an excellent dinner, from the music to the wash-rooms, perfect service to amazing food, you must treat yourself to Scarpetta.  A huge thanks to Pam once again it was the perfect evening!


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