Winter Food & Booze Adventure

This winter the new beau and me made our way to Ottawa and Montreal for a few days…big test, spending that much time with each-other, we drove, an even bigger test.  Thank god we both passed!  These wonderful four days were filled with nothing but amazing food! and very, very tasty beer.

We, or should I say he decided that it was necessary for us to leave before the sun came up so we could get into the city early and start our little adventure.  Grumpy, half asleep and in much need of coffee we hit the 401 and the journey began.  When we arrived at the Fairmont Château Laurier (view from our hotel room below) we tossed our stuff in the closet and headed out to what was described to me as the world’s second best meatballs (mine being the best of course).


The Brig Pub – They were good, very meaty…a little dry.  Would I eat them again, yes.


That night we hit a few bars and a restaurant for dinner that will remain nameless as I have decided to forget the horrid food and service I experienced.

Not at the crack of dawn, we hit the road again and drove to Montreal. This is where the food went from good, to OMG OMG OMG orgasm inducing amazing!

Again at a Fairmount, The Queen Elizabeth.  We unpacked and hit the road in search of food and beer.

Montreal Amazing Food Countdown:

1) Schwartzs Deli, I had been there as a young girl with my family but didn’t appreciate how amazing the smoked meat sandwiches where! Worth a line up!


2) Dover Sole at Chez Delmo, I tried to take pics in the restaurant but it was too dark.  All I can say is if you have watched the movie Julie and Julia in the opening scene when she arrives in France her first meal is Dover Sole, ever since then I have wanted to try it.  I was not disappointed at all!!

3) Dieu du Ciel = mirco beers. Symboise, Corne du Diabie, Grande Noirceur, Peche Mortel Stout, Imperial au Cafe

032 029 027

4) L’Amere a Boire = MORE BEER

5) Dessert at the Fairmount


We ate way more than just this…and believe me I could go on and on about it, but I’m entering a food coma just writing about it!

Verdict, MUST GO BACK VERY SOON!  JJ when you reading this, repeat after me…I must take my girlfriend back very soon!

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