A Beef Rib Kinda Day

Saturday morning came early or late yesterday…we finally dragged our butts out of  bed at 11am! We were meeting friends for lunch at 3pm so we did have a bit of time to kill.  Those four hours turned into us buying a new camera.  Our first joint purchase…with a common goal, great looking pictures for my blog.  When I say common goal I’m using that term very loosely, for JJ his goal was for me to stop complaining about the quality of my shots.  So off to Henry’s we went and 45min later we walked out with a beautiful new Nikon D7000!  I can’t say I’m not the most excited person on the face of the planet, cause dammit I AM! I love this new camera.

Now onto the food of the day.  Lunch at Kalendar…it was okay, not the best not the worst.  Company rocked, food not soooo much!

After lunch we wandered around Spadina taking pictures and thinking about what we were going to do in the evening.  This turned into a quick stop into the LCBO and ROWE farms, the end result Heather n JJ Braised Ribs.

Heather n JJ Braised Ribs


2 lengths of short beef ribs

1 cup BIG red wine

1 28oz can of tomato’s

2 cloves of garlic

1 shallot

1 cup beef stock

1 bay leaf

chillie peppers

salt/pepper to taste

olive oil


1) Season beef, heat pan and then add olive oil.  Brown ribs on all sides.


2) Heat up tomato’s and beef stock separately on the stove.

3) Remove ribs from pan, deglaze with wine, then add shallot’s and garlic and sautee for a few min. until fragrant.


4) Add tomato’s, beef stock, chillies, and bay leaf and being to a boil.

5) Return ribs back to pot and place in oven to braise for 2/3 hours.


Remove and eat up and enjoy!!


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