Tuesday night is a school night for me. Tonight we were learning about nutrition and weight loss. A lot of the information given was parallel to the eating plan I am currently following. High protein, high to moderate “good fat” and HIGH vegetable content.

FFwrd to tonight’s diner which was super delicious as always! Butter braised Chicken thighs with garlic, shallots, pine nuts and basil.  Served with a side of sweet potato and cauliflower mash and browned butter.  We also made a side salad of zucchini and carrot match sticks with a baco noir, lemon. olive oil dressing.


As we were eating dinner JJ commented on the amount of butter, bacon and fat I have been eating over the past 9 days.  He doesn’t understand how a person can consume the amount of fat I am eating and not gain weight.  Even after reading my blog last week with the 3lb weight loss he is still not convinced.  I am NOT writing this  because he is worried about my weight, I am writing about this because I am trying to prove the idea of low fat, hight carb diet wrong by doing to opposite.  Everything we have learned during our lives lead us to believe that “FAT” is bad, carbs and whole grains are good, JJ lives in that bubble. Conventional wisdom tells us we should start our morning with a nice big bowl of cereal with milk – well I currently say F@$K cereal bring on the bacon and eggs.

If this adventure is proved wrong then so be it, BUT I am willing to bet that it will be the opposite. My LDL, Sodium and Cholesterol will go down, I will feel better and lose a little of my belly fat.

So I sign off tonight saying, screw you carb nation, and bring on the fat!

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