Healthy Zucchini Spaghetti 

As I eliminated all pasta from my diet last month I tried to make a few of my favourite comfort foods without any grains etc. but still keep the amazing taste.  This was my attempt at Spaghetti.  It was very flavourful although next time I will just blanch the zucchini.

Ingredients (Sauce):

1 lb Ground pork

1 glove garlic

1 can tomato’s

1 shallot

salt & pepper

fresh basil

parmesan  cheese to finish


1) add garlic, shallot, and oil into frying pan and lightly sautee

2) add pork and cook until it is no longer pink

3) add can of whole tomato’s and crush up with your hands as they go in

4) cool sauce for 30min, add fresh basil salt and pepper at the end.

5) lightly blanch your zucchini spears and server like you would spaghetti and enjoy!


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