Fancy Pants Bangers n Mash

I have a few favourite pubs in this city, in my top 5 is  House on Parliament. Last summer Jenna and I ended up on the patio for a late lunch, I was surprised at the selection of local food.  I went back again this year with JJ to explore their beer list, now I find myself there almost weekly!

House on Parliament

454 Parliament Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(416) 925-4074 OPEN 11:30AM – 2AM DAILY

Last week summer still hadn’t arrived in Toronto so while out for lunch I decided to try “Fancy bangers and mash”.  Menu description; Grilled locally produced sausage (enquire as it changes regularly), marinated charred onions, mashed potato, seasonal vegetables, gravy & grainy mustard. – Market price.  I had lamb sausage, and oh my oh my how delicious it was.  I ate the whole dammmm plate (this may also explain my expanding waste line…need to run more!)

photo (4)

I’ve only been here during the day so I can’t comment on the night staff or vibe.  During lunch and brunch there is always a laid back atmosphere.  lots of great conversations happening over delicious comfort food and  local and imporedt beer. The woody décor reminds me of being at a cottage (The comfort feeling). The servers are take no shit ladies and dudes.  The know their food, they are quick on their feet and extremely witty. I must also comment on the bathrooms, clean and very well set up.  They are not in the basement (they are on the second floor), which is unusual for the city. I prefer it this way to avoid that damp “ass” smell.

Over the past year, I have almost had everything on the menu and I can’t complain about one ounce of it.  The Posh Ploughman is enough for two people to enjoy. The sandwiches and burgers are a good size and the fresh cut fries are the perfect balance to salt to crispy potato. I encourage you to take a walk into Cabbage town this weekend and check it out.  Well worth your time and taste.


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