Potato Broccoli Soupy Cheesy Goodness

It’s soooooo HOT in Toronto this week!  All this hot weather has inspired me to do two things, clean and cook.  Now I know you are thinking why would you clean in hot weather and not go to the beach? Believe me I was asking myself the same question on Monday when it was 81 degree’s in my house as I was doing laundry.  But cooking, well that just never stops! Yesterday JJ and I went to Rowe Farms (Beach location) and ended up buying a ridiculously expensive t-bone steak, I didn’t look at the price until I pulled out my debit card to pay…and the register read $131.00, I was like WTF? Steak, potatoes and some organic potato chips, are you serious.  Then JJ and the butcher started talking about how it was a 25 day aged t-bone and “please tell me what you think”, well at that point I couldn’t exactly say take it back.  DAMMM skippy I wanted to try this steak. So that is exactly what we are doing tonight!

The potato’s I bought to be BBQ-ed with the steak have turned into the recipe you are about the read – Potato Broccoli Soupy Cheesy Goodness

Ingredients: AKA what I had in my fridge

1 tbsp butter

2 medium/large white potato’s

1 Small head of broccoli

1 Shallot

2 Small carrots

2 Cloves of garlic

3 Cups of chicken stock

2 Tbsp smoked Gouda shredded


1) Cut up carrot, shallot, garlic roughly and sauté in butter


2) Add potato’s, then 1/2 chicken stock and mix together and bring to boil


3) When potato’s are soft add broccoli and lower to medium

4) Once everything is fork tender add cheese use your hand blender or counter blender and blend


5) Add salt and pepper to taste

I give this soup a 9/10, it was amazing balls!

AND THIS IS THE STEAK!!! Which will have it’s own post very soon!


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