Birthday Dinner at the OLD Spaghetti Factory

I am a very lucky lady to have two of the best nephews on the planet (this may be a bit bias but you know how it goes) and I spoil them! It’s my job as the aunt to have none stop action every time we are together.  This weekend I had the boys for a sleep over and it also happened to be the youngest birthday on Sunday.  I wanted to take them both somewhere kid friendly in the city for dinner, I have great memories of the Organ Grinder but since that is no longer around, I thought, how about the OLD Spaghetti Factory.  I must start by saying my nephews had a great time, they loved every minute of it…Auntie Heather not so much, and here is why.

As we walked in we were greeted by a lovely young lady who had a server come show us to our seat.  While we were about to walk I mentioned that it was the youngest birthday and I would like to have cake/ice cream whatever they are offering.  But there was a little catch from me, it’s the oldest birthday in a few weeks as well and I didn’t want him to feel left out so I told them this.  With a smile she walked us to the table and was met by another server along the way to plan the singing of happy birthday later on in the meal. She thought we were out of ear shot, and said “Yeah get use to it, we have to do this crap all the time”. REALLY?? I have a 5yr old and 7yr old with me and that is what you say walking us to the table. Yes, I understand she is 19 yrs old herself and must hate her job serving screaming kids all day long but suck it up sweetheart this is the job you applied for!

Dinner went on and the boys ate to their hearts content and played around like any little boys would at the dinner table.  As our server gave us the death stare through the whole meal and at one point asked the boys to sit in their chairs.  REALLY? there are kids all over the restaurant and my boys have to sit. They did have happy birthday sang to them which they thought was great!

Now onto the good part, there was a guy making balloons animals etc. in the restaurant and he was amazing with the boys, and he earned himself a $20 tip for doing so.  Our server on the other hand, sorry sweetie you got exact change.

To the managers of the OLD Spaghetti Factory I say this, you run kid friendly restaurant, please extend that bit of knowledge along to your staff, dirty looks for boys playing and having fun in your establishment is not acceptable.

I’m sure it’s a one time thing and we will be back, but I wanted to share my story with you.

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