OMG! #CDWMC Season Premier Tonight! Grill Masters

As I sit here watching Come Dine with Me Canada on TV, following on Twitter via my phone and Facebook on my laptop (Marketing world, yes I love you too – this is the house of second, third and forth screen!), I’m starting to freak out a bit! Let me explain: Many, many moons ago after several glasses of wine I sent in an audition video to ProperTV for a new show called Come Dine with Me Canada…3 seasons later, you may or may not see me on TV in the coming weeks.  Until then my lips are sealed, except to write about how much I love the show starting with tonight’s premier.

It would appear from every season of CDWMC that all Canadians love to drink – lots! We are also a touchy feely bunch but at the heart of the matter we are all such sweet people – well we are sweet to your face!

Tonight’s theme was BBQ Grill Off, there wan’t a whole lot of creativity.  I would have liked to see people take it to the limit…Steaks, Corn on the Grill and what’s with all the pineapple!!  You can do better than that!

Onto the peeps!

CDWMC Block 1

April, you were hilarious! Totally hilarious! “Your magical”

Adam there is always one of you! It’s a dinner party where half the fun is the people not just the food…it makes it even worse when you can’t plate properly.

Raj, getting totally shit faced and then denying it…gotta tell you man, when you offer to walk a straight line – you are drunk! However, after your pig impression I will be your friend forever! Or maybe your Nanny’s friend! Are you able to leave the house without her?

Kyla, Your dinner party looked like my kind of party, whip cream, barn yard noises and lots of champagne!

Ron, You are a lovely man what more can I say, you make me smile.

And now for what I will be making from tonight’s show!Ron’s Smoked Cayenne Candy Coated Pork Belly YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY!


CONGRATS Kyla to Thanks W and Proper for another great Monday night! And April, Adam, Ron, Raj and Kyla, I feel your pain watching yourselves on TV tonight, but you all were amazing 🙂

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