#CDWMC Tonight – Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I’ve been waiting all day for this – Come Dine With Me Canada!! My first tweet of the night was: wine-check, laptop-check, iphone-check, Come Dine With Me Canada CHECK!! I was looking so forward to the mayhem!! And that is exactly what I got…but 60min in, I was feeling sorry for everyone!


EEEkkkkkkk was my first impression. This group of people does not seem to like each other at all! I can’t stress enough how much they all seemed to hate each-other…and me…not like them.  Well not all of them; BARB, what was up with you? I hope you really aren’t like that in real life because you seem like a very angry, picky person. I just want to give you a diet soda so you smile.

I could barely tweet tonight during the show because I felt like I was witnessing a domestic dispute and should call the cops. Separately everyone seemed pretty cool (outside of Barb) but together – ugh!

Katie was by far my favourite, she seemed like the only one having fun and taking the show for what it is – FUN! Okay yes it is a competition, yes you can win $1,000, yes you are on international TV, but most of all it’s suppose to be FUN!!

Onto the peeps:

Rose Fillcoff was first up.  Rose I LOVE LAMB, love love love it.  I don’t understand people that don’t.  Although it is a risky dinner party dish (the people I don’t understand are many).  You put yourself out there singing! For sure! But in my mind it was a good ice breaker!

Barbara Egarhos…I’m having a hard time thinking of what I’m going to write because I don’t want to be mean…but the thing is, you don’t seem to have that gene.  Why would you be so cruel to people you don’t know and further more why would score everyone well below what they deserved? Winning rocks, but being a total bitch sucks! The feet in Roses face was really creepy, dirty and just f-in gross! Saying all of that, I really am interested in trying your bachalhau à bras.


James Currie, I just want to give you a hug, a dictionary and a copy of Joy of Cooking.

Katie Pitt, you are my favourite as I tweeted all night! I was cheering for you. Everyone likes a girl who just wants to have fun! and who can cook! I do believe that you can kill a Beef Wellington, and think you would have won if you didn’t burn it…but shit happens.

Myron Simic, sweetie…that is all I can really say,  you are a sweetie.

@Vghncitennews tweeted at me “Really, c’mon what are watching this show for the food???

photo (2)

I laughed but yes, I have taken a number of recipes, and tonights pick is, James’s Crab Puffs.  I will make them amazing!!


Cheers to all the dinner party host tonight, I know how hard it actually is…

Lots of lots of beverages, being the butt of all jokes and having a VERY THICK SKIN are all in order to to play in the world of COME DINE WITH ME CANADA!

Read you all next Monday!


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