#CDWMC Sea Bass wins it’s way into my heart!

As I sit in my kitchen having dinner prepared for me tonight…I thought I could get a head start on my blog post for tonight’s episode of Come Dine with Me Canada. As you all know, the premise of the show is that five strangers are brought together for a dinner party where the best chef wins…well that is the person who manages to pull off a dinner party in a fashion that all the crazy guests vote for the winner (but as we witnessed last week, this voting isn’t a science – BARB underscored everyone!!!) Now, since we are two weeks away from my episode, YES-YES-YES, I signed all paper work, put myself through a week of no sleep, lots (I mean LOTS) of wine and being irritated by strangers everyday I think I am in a very good place to critic and talk about the show and the contestants…as I will myself in a few weeks (that is if I can bare to even watch!)….because like you, even though I recorded the show, I have NO IDEA what the end result is going to be…I digress.

Tonight was a little meh….there were no tears, no fights, just a lot of bitchy comments. Kate and Kelly were grating on my nerves by the end of the night and Steve’s humour was getting a little old. My two favourite people where Housewife Lisa and Boring Brad…who isn’t all that boring-but one hell of a cook!

kelly lisa

The first party is always the hardest the getting to know everyone etc., usually by night two or three things start to spice up a bit, not this block.

Night one, Steve. He started off the week making me laugh but as time went on his “love” of food was, well lacking.  Very stereotypical that the British guy doesn’t like anything outside of meat, potatoes and in his case boobs!

Kelly was funny, funny, funny, but I guess a week of hard core drinking can take a toll.  I really wish her $150 beef tenderloin turned out better for her…it’s a shame for good meat to be wasted like that…it’s actually a crime.

I don’t even want to talk about Kate, she was such a picky, snooty, little witch…..but I would like to try her Parisian Gnocchi.

Watching Brad in the kitchen was a delight! He was very prepared, precise, creative and kinda cute! He is more than welcome to come over my house any time and cook for me! The Port Braised Beef Shank and Maple Glazed Sea Bass….oh my mouth is watering just typing this.  I will for sure be trying both of his recipes.

seabassbraised beef

The person that had the most sparkle and hosting skills this week was by far Lisa.  She put a ton of effort into every detail for her guests.  The perfect kind of host.  The bringing left overs for her husband all week was a little strange but also cute.  He was one well feed man, except for the day he had to eat Kate’s rabbit! – total FAIL!

I’m pumped for next week!!



  1. kelly

    Lovely review of our crazy week…..just want to clear the air on the beef tenderloin…from Wagyuu Farms…..not only was there no leftovers from the show, the production crew are a hungry bunch of carnivores…i saved the portions that I did not use for my own special dinner with my family…and it was thoroughly enjoyed….thank you for your lovely words!

  2. Lisa Vrban

    Crazy week indeed!!!! I learned that I like pork chops again, decided that raw kale is yummy too, that Parisian style gnocchi are my fave carb in the world and – well – I knew when I saw Brad’s menu, I would love everything! LOL! Great times all week long and most of all, I feel incredibly lucky that I landed in such a great group of people! Without cmdwc I wouldn’t have the blessing of having these four amazing people in my life : ) So the good will definitely out weigh the bad for this chapter of my life!
    Can’t wait to see your episode!

    1. foulmouthedkitchen

      Lisa you are such a sweet heart 🙂 I’m so happy you had a great time. So did I am I can’t wait to see ours…so she says as her heels are shaking in her boots 😉

      And I want to try that Parisian style gnocchi as well. Cheers, H

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