Strippers, Fights and a Crazy Fowlmouthed Chef on #CDWMC

Well the wait was over for me Monday night, my episode of Come Dine with Me Canada aired.  We filmed in May and I forgot a lot of what was covered…but it all came screaming back! I’m not going to use my blog as a forum to defend myself – except for this little statement.  Come Dine with Me Canada is a comedy TV program, it’s not “Master Chef”, I wanted to be wacky, have fun and make people laugh…and laugh they did.

cdwmc my poarty

Elaine and I had brunch on Tuesday to chat about what we though of the show, if we are going to be big reality TV stars (kidding) or the next Martha Stewart (even bigger joke). The censuses was we were just going to go back to our happy lives and forget we ever met Drama.

To answer a few burning questions:

Yes, Drama was that bad! It took all my effort not to jump across the table every night and smack him! and believe me the feeling was mutual

Elaine actually is super funny! You can check out her digs on youtube here.

Christopher was paid $100 every time he took his shirt off – KIDDING

Marise is the sweetest lady I’ve ever met!

Now onto the meat of the show, the fights.  The first between Drama and me at Christopher’s condo was the start of our love affair with each other. During the filming breaks I thought I may get thrown off the balcony.  I don’t know nor do I care if Christopher is Gay, he is a super nice dude.

The fight between Drama and Elaine was the real deal.  She was totally going to walk out the door.  Yes people may say she over reacted, but what you didn’t see was her lead up to the comment about the food.  She was very respectful and he couldn’t take it.  Then the roller coaster started. She was in the wash room for about 20min. getting herself back together.  It was a very long night!

And what about the food? It’s very funny to watch the twitter comments about everyone’s cooking.  And I do agree with almost all of them…everyone seriously messed up their meals, even Christopher. That cheese cake was a total fail! But nothing, nothing will ever be as bad as the rum cake served on plastic frisbee’s with a dash of flour at Drama’s.

I personally think my party was the best! Note I say party! Everyone had a blast and got blasted.  “Officer” Fred was adored by the ladies…although Christopher almost punched him out when he got a kiss on the cheek. Stacey was a lifesaver with my “spoodle” and my dress may have been a bit to short for a camera crew to be running after me up a staircase…sorry about that peeps! But if you wanna be cool like me  you can buy all kinds of amazing bloomers at Exile Warehouse in Kensington Market!

I won’t give away all the secrets of the show! But I will tell you the crew really is cute. Even after appearing on Come Dine with Me Canada, I am still a huge fan. This was a once in a lifetime experience, I loved every minute of it…even the ones I hated!  Thanks Proper TV, W Network, the whole CDWMC crew, especially Bobby!

I’ve posted the best tweets and facebook comments below for a laugh! Enjoy!

photo (6)photo (5)photo (4)

photo (7)

photo (8)


  1. The Bad Guy

    Yeah I think Drama could have done better to mitigate the reaction of Elaine, but anyway, it was very entertaining lol, which I think it’s the purpose of the show, more drama (literally ;P), the more people watch. There was the Vietnamese guy on another week who left the show halfway in the week; at least Drama stayed till the end.

    PS. I don’t eat foie gras but if you are against it, how about those horrible way the chicken and the beefs are being treated? Was Elaine a vegetarian?

    1. foulmouthedkitchen

      Hi, thanks for reading and watching 🙂

      Drama did stick it out all week, although he would have done himself and the rest of the bunch a favour if he walked off the show :)…just my opinion! And you are 100% right, the purpose of the show is to be entertaining, and what is more entertaining than fights, stripers and bad food!

      No Elaine is not a vegetarian, she just has issues with the treatment of the ducks…however I do agree that conventional meat is treated just as poorly. I personally love all meat and do my little part and buy organic and local.

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