It’s a Meatless Monday

Every Monday a large majority of my twitter feed is filled up with Meatless Monday recipes and idea’s. As you all know from reading my blog I am a meat loving lady, give me steak and bacon everyday and twice on Sundays and I’m happy.  However…it seems that my waist line is not agreeing with this – okay maybe it was the summer of hanging out on patio’s drinking beer and the fall that has been full of lovely red wine…who really knows.  What I do know is that I love a challenge and cooking vegetarian has always been a challenge for me.  So I am going to join the millions of wonderful meat lovers who decided for one reason or another to make Monday’s Meatless!

Tonights dinner is going to be acorn stuffed squash with root veggies, wehani rice and walnuts.  Should be delicious!

Here are a few other great places to find wonderful Meatless Monday idea’s:

Midnight Manic @goMeatless

My Meatless Monday Recipe Blog 

She Knows

Check back later for pics and the recipe.  And remember you can always see up to the minute food pics and news on my twitter feed fowlmouthedchef!

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