Bring on the BACON!! #CDWMC Greg Moar does it Right

Yesterday I was participating in Meatless Monday and living my bacon dreams through Come Dine with Me Canada. It was a great show last night, funny, engaging, and lots of conversation with all my great twitter peeps!

After a good night of sleep I feel bad for ripping on Effie the way I did, she obviously is a lady who doesn’t take life to seriously and likes to have fun.  However, she does give the word “cougar” its meaning and I think she actually is proud of it! Hence…your bra showing…look below!

cougar pic

Night one at Jamie Patterson’s was fun, she really put a lot of thought into her theme – getting dressed up for parties is always fun and most people enjoy it.  I think it was a great way to break the ice and start the week.


Her cooking skills on the other hand leave something to be desired, dates and prunes are very different things with different tastes…I don’t think she will make that mistake again.  I love, love, love the fact that she wore wigs all week.  She is a quirky little lady and it’s afraid to let her freak flag fly!


Atavia Surtees calls herself a “princess” but she is just a simple lady, that enjoys the little things in life, like watching TV eating a bag of chips (her words not mine). She didn’t add much to the week in terms of drama or an interesting dinner party.  There really isn’t anything else to say about her.

Now onto Sherwin Modeste -WOW what an ass!  He started off the week so sweet and nice, wonderful, colourful, and hilarious – then ended it as a big grumpy “Rainbow Bright”. Nothing pisses me off more on Come Dine with Me Canada, then contestants that fake it till their dinner party then try to take down everyone else.  Sore losers suck! and belong at Toronto City Hall (Sorry for the Ford reference, it’s hard not to seeing as he has taken over the media word!).


Maybe it was making out with Effie as his party that got Sherwins “Frock” in a knot – “lord have mercy”.  Either way, sore loser! Booooooo

Night four at Effie Tsergas was an all out disaster, when the host gets smashed and defensive about her dinner it’s time to shut down the party.

My money was on Greg Moar the minute I read his menu, great incorporation of bacon. Unlike everyone else that just added bacon to their regular dishes.  Scallops are one of my favourite foods and a perfect pairing with bacon, his bacon vinaigrette looked amazing – actually all his plating was excellent with the minor exception of the pork chop. He was a good sport when Sherwin was cutting up his dinner @Astrolily said it best “Juicy, flavourful, well cooked = disappointed???”


Oh and who can’t forget the best non-served dish of the night – that “pickled vag” that Greg loved so much!

All in all, loved the Bacon theme – who wouldn’t!

That’s all for this weeks CDWMC review, see you all next Monday! Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter and join the CDWMC bashing @fowlmouthedchef!

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