Wish it was Devilled eggs! #CDWMC

I was expecting a night of drunken devilled eggs and that is almost what I got! I should have planed better for tonight’s show and bought a second bottle of wine. The night started off great with Marie and Tricia….then the big YAWN with Minesh and Vicky, so much so that I couldn’t even keep up with what theyf were cooking!

Marie, oh my oh my.  I want to get you a Match.com, Lavalife, eHarmony and Plenty of Fish account…you need a man or a really good sausage dinner. I’m teasing, you were a blast, and how I would have you over or out for drinks any time, you seem like a ton ‘o’ fun! Ukrainian cooking is what I grew up on and no one can make better cabbage rolls than my Baba … so I can’t commit on your choice….however what I can say is never put bacon on the outside! Pork inside always 😉

cabbage rolls

Tricia – Love you, knew I would from the start! You may not be the best chef but you know how to have fun! I loved that you had a blast doing what you do! Wish I could remember what you cooked, I like everyone else was most likely enamoured with your personality!

butch my love

Minesh – What was with the fake accent? Who does that!? Okay okay okay, you have money, lots and lots and lots of it.  I can’t help but think there is something else inside of you. You may be a nice guy but I couldn’t move beyond your overbearing personality to pay attention to your cooking skills, or hosting skills.  You gave your guests lots to look at in your house but not a single ounce of who you are! It made me sad. What didn’t make me sad however was your choice of beef – BRING IT ON! I will put up with your ridiculous house just to eat your beef! Although after all your critiques of everyone else’s meals and cooking techniques I would have thought you would have had a proper Tandoori oven??

best beef love the kitchen CDWMC

Vicky, you make me angry! You were so mean to everyone, such a “hater”.  I get being competitive, I get having strong opinions, I don’t get mean! I really hope you are not as mean as you seem. You scare me. I would never invite you to dinner – ever! And VEAL – Risky! n Riskier your smashed potato’s, wow your culinary skills are something to aim for. 

image for vivky

Butch, I really meant what I said about the Lolly Pop Gang! Sing it for me baby!! Sing it for me with HOT SAUCE! I love Quiche, and I love an old man that serves hot sauce with is dinner – it’s kinda like having dinner with my dad!  Also, Cordon Bleu with Asian Veggies big risk!  I will try that, not your recipe sorry sweetie, but the idea will be put to the test! I loved the barber shop singing! loved it!!

I love Come Dine With Me Canada, but I hate when the Meanie wins! Especially when they can’t cook!!


Boo! to the meanies, yeah to people who love food and love to cook! I can’t wait to watch next week, I know justice is out there!!

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