Break out your Prom Dress #CDWMC is having a theme night!!

I’m wondering what I will like more, Come Dine with Me Canada….Indiana Jones, Finding Nemo, un-rated Sex n The City or Risky Business…I have no idea what tomorrow night’s Come Dine with Me Canada will bring but I do know it’s all themes. Why couldn’t I have had a theme night, I know, I know Pink would have been my theme but I could have done an 80’s Pretty in Pink theme – although I cringe to think how Drama would have responded to such a thing, but what I do know is that Christopher would have been by far the best dressed.

pretting in pink

I digress, I know I’m jumping the gun but I can’t wait to watch everyone tomorrow as they make asses out of themselves with the Grand Old Themes! We are talking “Barn Yard”… really not sure how you pull that one off, to “Arabian Nights” – I’m lost on that one too – “Under the Sea” – like are we talking finding Nemo or “Back to the Future 1950’s style here” – should I break out the crinoline and prom dress or Sword for the “Medieval Era” party…oh wait is she inviting the knights from “Medieval Times Dinner theatre, cause if that’s the case I am soooooooo IN!!!

Either way, I have my bottle of wine ready to go for tomorrow nights Come Dine With Me Canada, it’s a Monday night tradition around here! and here is what I have to say to that!

keep calm

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