Benefits of Having Dinner Cooked for YOU!

I love to cook, I love to cook more than I love to eat believe it or not…living with someone who cooks almost as well as me is amazing, delicious and challenging all at the same time.  Cooking as you know if my ZEN, after a long day – a short day – pretty much any day, the minute I walk through the door after work I put on one of my many uniforms, my aprons and start to cook.  These days are hijacked about once a week by my boyfriend Jeremy as he loves to cook just as much as I do.  Some people fight about money, some sex, some kids…we fight (and I use that term loosely) about who gets to cook dinner.  Although I don’t get to do the actual cooking, I get to watch him in his glory (and be his prep chef) and best of all enjoy the fruits of his labour.  So I thought tonight I would write a post about the Benefits of Having Dinner Cooked for YOU – and if you are a control geek like me (I just came up with that “control freak” sounds like you are crazy, BUT “control geek” sounds like you know allot about your area of interest…you just like to have a little (or allot) of control. So here are the benefits as I see them:

  1. I get to experience amazing dishes that I would not have thought of making
  2. Someone loves me enough to take the time to make me a nutritious dinner
  3. I get to relax an drink wine while dinner is being made!
  4.  Watching someone you adore do something they love is truly fulfilling
  5. Jeremy is super cute so that never hurts either

I realize that these benefits aren’t universal, however, if you ever want him to cook you dinner I do rent him out – KIDDING! Seriously though, having someone do something for you if you are a control geek like me is super hard, but once you let go the benefits hugely out weight anything else.  This post my be a bit fluffy – or completely fluffy but my take away is this.  Let people  do nice things for you.

By doing that, you can enjoy a nice Berkshire Pork Chop with fresh Ontario veggie salsa like I just did!

photo (24)

Bottoms UP! Heather


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